Friday, 20 April 2012


Blog hop extravanganza! Today marks the release of the first of three Anthologies "The Blood Bar Chronicles". The Alphas have arrived, and they are ready to take over you screens and your mind! I'm here to talk about my contribution "Perfect Timing"

"Perfect Timing"
Josie McNair may be all fire on the outside, but her lack of self-confidence has her insides twisted over meeting her writing group. She begins to realize there are more creatures in the world than she first suspected and finds herself thrown into a life where time has no meaning.
Time-traveling peace-keeper David Malm could never believe in love again. When Henri instructed him in 3042 to look in at the Blood Bar on this particular night in 2011, he didn't envision it turning into a supernatural disaster, let alone be in the throws of passion with a beautiful stranger. Josie reignited something in him he'd thought he'd lost forever, and he would do anything to keep her safe.


Now, this is exciting for many reasons. One being that this is my first release (excuse me while I pull myself down from cloud 9) and the other being that this isn't just your typical Anthology. Most Anthologies have an underlying theme, but each author does their own 'stand-alone' story within. The Blood Bar Chronicles is four stories in one that all connect to one another. From start to finish you'll see characters you recognise, and watch the story unfold further as you read. And it doesn't stop there at The Alphas. Breathless Press has accepted the other two books "The Protectors" and "The Enforcers", so watch this space!

Anyone that has spoken to me recently knows that I am part of the best critique group any writer could be a part of. When the group started over a year and a half ago not a single one of us were published (hence the name Up and Coming Writers). Now if you were to look into our group you'd see that almost all of us have or are in the process of being published. And for many (like myself) The Blood Bar Chronicles is the first. I'd like to think of the Anthology as a medal of honour for UCW and I can say that we all proudly wear it and scream it from the rooftops if anyone wants to hear (or even if they don't want to hear!).

Okay now back on point. The Alphas are blog hopping today because we each have a free e-copy to giveaway to one lucky person! So if you'd like to win a copy please leave a comment below and then hop over to Jorja Lovett, Cherie Nicholls and Doris O'Connor. If their posts aren't up yet, don't fret, they will be soon.

So now I leave you with an excerpt from "Perfect Timing"


Josie opened her eyes and they met with an almost bare chest. The skin was smooth and a splattering of blond hair lay across it. She pushed back from him and looked up. He was smirking.
She gasped and looked around. She was in an old house with antique furniture, yet it smelled like a new car. "Where am I?" She gasped as another wash of ecstasy rolled through her.
"I've brought you to my house where you'll be safe," he said. His eyes almost sparkled in the lights of the dining room. "Would you like a drink?"
"I'd like you to tell me what's going on. What exactly am I safe from?" she asked.
"Well, babydoll, I wish I knew. What I do know is that I couldn't leave you there salivating."
"I...feel..." She moaned. She sure as hell wasn't going to tell this fit-as-fuck stranger that she was close to having an orgasm, all because of some pretty boy. Now, the confident man in tailored clothes standing before her…he was her every fantasy. Hell, she was sure she'd written him into one of her books. She wondered what he looked like under his clothes, but snapped out of it.
"You and every other gal in that joint." He went to a small bar, poured whiskey into a glass, and held it up to Josie. She shook her head in refusal, still trying to keep the wine down. "He must have some sort of call." He sipped from the glass.
"How did we get here, and where exactly is here?" Josie asked, and sat back against the long table. Every sense was on high alert. Did someone slip something into my wine?
"Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?" His voice, low like a purr, sent shivers down her arms. She had hoped she would meet someone at the end of the night, maybe even go back to their place, but this was not what she had imagined. Of course, the man standing before her was pretty much her description of perfect, but something didn't feel right.
"What about my friends? Are they all right?" Josie's voice shook as she said the words out loud.
"Your friends are fine. I assure you." His words relaxed her, and he pressed his lips to the glass once more, and walked up to her. Josie held her breath, hoping that her amazing makeup was still intact, and watched his every move. Despite his height, he walked with a certain grace, and his eyes told of the many things he'd seen in his life. "And you're okay, thanks to me." He traced his fingers lightly down her shoulder. Goose flesh broke across her pale skin and she let out her breath.
"Who are you?" she asked, leaning into him.
"My name is David Malm." He smiled.

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  1. hot hot and er well hot.. this story, along with the others makes my heart race. UCW .we are the best!

  2. That's what I'm talking about.

  3. So pleased for you. Well done on your first release!!!

  4. So exciting! Congratulation on your release, Arya :) Will soon be getting my greedy little hands on it, lol.

  5. So exciting! Congratulation on your release, Arya :) Will soon be getting my greedy little hands on it, lol.

  6. This sounds like such a great story! Has mystery and romance and a sexy hero... Congrats on your release!