Sunday, 27 January 2013

#SexySnippet, "Wine & Nine", "Ailsa"

Good morning, and a happy Sunday to you! Welcome back to another #SexySnippets extravaganza. It's been fantastic to watch this idea grow so quickly. Definitely makes me proud to be a part of the Nuthouse, that's for sure. :)

Today's #SexySnippet comes from the Nuthouse's first self-published work, "Wine & Nine". W&9 is an Anthology created during a weekend in Scotland (thanks to Raven's hospitality!). Even when we're relaxing and having fun, we never stop working. Well, I suppose that is because none of us consider it as "work". Work is typically a mundane and boring task one must carry out in order to survive. Writing is our passion and therefore we never stop encouraging one another or kill the love we have for our craft. So, look for more TNS releases in the future. :)

Wine & Nine
(Available here, now!)

Magic Mac and his Mystical tours, the brochure said. What it didn't tell the participants of this coach trip is that the quaint Scottish Inn they stopped at held a secret.
When you add women, wine, and men the outcome is never certain. Will it be happy ever after or is this just the beginning?
Find out in these nine scorching erotic short stories, guaranteed to raise a kilt or two.


They'd barely made it to the top of the stairs when Jameson pushed Ailsa against the wall, his hands pressing her breasts together. They kissed with a fire that itched in the core of Ailsa's body. She dropped the key from her hand, clasped them behind his head, and wrapped her leg around his. He pulled his mouth from hers, grunting as he shoved her further against the wall, his erection hard on her leg. Her skirt had never felt tighter. Neither had her shirt as she struggled to keep her breath normal. She sucked on the air that he exhaled, quivering as she let it out.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

#SexySnippets from "The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1:The Alphas", "Perfect Timing"

Today I'm taking you back in time. All the way back to 2011, Rose Street, Edinburgh and maybe even farther. "The Blood Bar Chronicles" is an Anthology of combined and connected stories with fellow Nuthouse Scribblers. "The Alphas" was the first release and brought the underlying story to light.

The amount of dedication it took to plot and write these stories is much larger than you can imagine, but possibly the most fun I've had working on a story. We all think very much alike and enjoy the same sort of things, so #BBC is an extra special baby for a lot of us.

This week's #SexySnippets is from "Perfect Timing", my contribution to "The Alphas".


Josie McNair may be all fire on the outside, but her lack of self confidence had her insides twisted over meeting her writing group. She begins to realize there are more creatures in the world than she first suspected and finds herself thrown into a life where time has no meaning.
Time Traveling peace-keeper David Malm could never believe in love again. When a future Henri instructed him to look in at the Blood Bar on this particular night, he didn’t envision it turning into a Supernatural disaster let alone be in the throws of passion with a beautiful stranger. Josie re-ignited something in him he'd thought he lost forever and he would do anything to keep her safe.


She'd never seen anyone so perfect in all her life. He was sturdy and warm. The sheer potency of her attraction to him made her stomach quiver.
He pushed her back against the table and threw her legs over his shoulders. He traced light kisses along her flat stomach and hips. The heels of her boots dug into his back, and she groaned, trying not to scream for more.
He grunted and gripped her tighter.

"The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1: The Alphas" is available now, at:

(Also, check out the 2nd part in the Series, "The Protectors", also available now!)

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

#SexySnippets, "The Black Widow" from "Eclipse of the Blood Moon"

Hello, again! Is it Sunday again already? Yes? I guess that can only mean one thing...another #SexySnippets from the Nuthouse! We had quite the reception last week and so we look forward to making this a solid tradition.

This week my snippet comes from my contribution to "Eclipse of the Blood Moon". This is my first published work with Evernight Publishing and probably my favourite story, thus far. As per usual myself and some other Nuthouse authors were chatting away on Skype and had the idea of combining different stories all set around a Blood Moon that was rising for the first time on Halloween. From that very moment I had Ariadne, an unusual type of heroine. I wont say too much else, but instead leave you with my selected seven sentences.

I must warn, though. This snippet is not exactly for the faint of heart. ;)


Moving my panties to one side I took his cock and pressed it to my pussy. He slipped inside with ease, eyes widened, pupils dilated. I rounded my hips on his, feeling his erection press against the walls of my cunt. His movement awoke the curse further, and slowly I started to feel its influence. I wrapped my hands around the back of his head, so he wouldn't see my rapidly growing claws, and pressed my face against his neck. He said nothing and continued to fuck me, clearly oblivious to my changing.
The black had spread from the claws and already worked its way up my forearm and towards my shoulders.


Eclipse of the Blood Moon is available now. See links below or to your right.

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