Saturday, 31 March 2012

There's a first time for everything.

Ah, blogspot, you wonderful site. I don't know why it's taken me so long, but at last, here I am!

So, first off I'd like to say the coming week is an exciting one for myself and the Alpha girls. The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1: The Alphas, is due for release April 6th, 2012. That's only six days away, and I couldn't be more excited! We all worked very, very hard on it and hope that the readers enjoy our characters as much as we do.

The ‘Wicked Ladies Of Fiction’ monthly meet up is always a time to remember, and this month the location is The Blood Bar in the dark streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. There is a new element amidst the shared laughter and catching up of news this time, and the ladies of WLF find themselves in a night filled with adventure, danger and lust.

Now, on another note, I'm coming back to 'first time for everything'. At 26 years old I'm discovering the teenager I left in high school that loved writing above anything else. I let her drift after graduation while I did some other things, but that part of your soul never leaves you. No matter how far you lead astray, you'll always find the path back to where you were. Here I am, with a book about to be published and another story already in the works.

Those who know me well know that I am new to the Romance genre. Horror, Supernatural, Transgressive and Fantasy had been my interest for as long as I can remember. I'd never read Mills & Boon, or anything of the like. Thanks to an old co-worker, I joined a crit group. Now, I know of the horrors of crit groups. Arguments happen, unfair judgement grows, but UCW is nothing like that. The girls are fantastic, and I really am very lucky to be a part of it all. We all started out unpublished and now over half of the group have had stories accepted. It's a wonderful thing and an incredible achievement! We are meeting soon, and we all deserve the wine and choccy's we'll be consuming! <3

Anyway, back to the point (s'cuse the rambling), the girls all dared me to step outside my niche and try Erotica. "Write explicit sex? Whaaat?" Was more or less my answer, but once I gave it a try I realised I had great fun doing it. Now I've taken it a step further and have started on a new story, featuring two sado-masochists. No Dom or Sub, not permanently anyway, but just plain lust, excitement and pain. I wondered how it would come across, so after getting the first chapter out and sending it to a friend, she told me that I had to continue.

So I leave you with a very small (and somewhat unedited) taste of CRAVE, my newest WIP.

She slammed her hands on the large pane window, spreading her fingers hard as Ezra fucked the girl from behind. She groaned, and her body reacted to his, but every breath from her pretty little mouth had been one annoyance on top of another, and irritably overdone. She couldn't have been much over the legal drinking age, and had been more than willing to spread her legs for him, but he was having trouble keeping his dick hard enough. It was best he didn't look at her.
Every now and then she'd spread her legs further, lifting her ass high, and swirl her long red hair around, like she was a bombshell in an eighties rock video. Ezra thought about grabbing it, near the scalp, and showing her what a real orgasm felt like, except he knew he had to play nice. But every time she screamed like a porn star, it only made it worse. He needed to feel alive, and right at that moment, he'd never felt worse. He felt void of emotion, like his soul had turned black as night.
He slid his cock from between her legs, pulled the condom off, and stepped back. Rebecca, as she earlier called herself, swished her hair one more time and pouted her lips, resembling that of a fish attempting to be sexy. Ezra's stomach turned, but he imagined himself holding her in place and having his way with her. His cock hardened a little more, and she giggled.
"You want more, big boy?" She asked, licking her lips and dropping to her knees. She ran her hands down his length, twisting and looking up at him expectantly. He closed his eyes, fearing the erection wouldn't last much longer if she kept looking at him.
Her lips wrapped around him completely, and he ran his hands through her hair, grabbing lightly. He waited for a reaction. One he was used to. A shocked look, and a temper tantrum as clothes are gathered and they vacate his flat. But, instead, she leaned into his hands. He wrapped his fingers around until they pressed into his palms and he pulled her towards him. Her throat closed, and she coughed. He let go, stepping back and she held her neck, and swallowed.
"Give a girl some warning, next time," She said, "You're not exactly lacking in inches, are you?"
"No." He replied and looked down at her. "I think you should leave."
"But…" She pressed her lips together and bat her fake eyelashes, "You invited me back here, and…"
"And I'm asking you to leave. Nicely." He ground his teeth, "Now I suggest you go, before I forget my manners."
"Arsehole!" She spat and stumbled to her feet, gathering her small dress in her arms. Ezra walked towards her, and she backed away from him. She glared, her browns eyes dilated, and flinched when he reached an arm over her. He opened the front door.
"Thank you." He said and raised an eyebrow, looking out at the hall.
"Can't I get dressed first?" She screeched, trying to duck under him to hide but he stepped in her way. 
"No. That's what the hallway is for." He said. She wobbled on her too-high heels and turned her toes in, as she looked doe eyed at him. It was the last thing he saw before slamming the door shut, and just like that, she was gone, from his eye and from his mind. Rebecca who?


  1. you carry on with your darkside and I'll read between my fingers. you have well pulled me out of my comfort zone and I love you for it

  2. such a hugh fan of craving!! oh and BRING ON THE ALPHAS!!!

  3. Ah, thanks Raven. Glad to help you open your eyes a little bit more each time ;)

  4. Loving the cover of BBC - the more I see it, the more I like it!

    And yay for being a romance convert ;)

    Good luck with your first release, mat it be the first of many xx