Wednesday, 27 February 2013

#WeirdWednesdays, "Elixir"

I really am terrible at blogging. Was never quite sure that people would enjoy reading my day-to-day ramblings, but alas, I am on a mission to change that! With a lot on the cards—a few contracts under my belt—I've decided enough is enough! I have a medium to ramble, and ramble I shall!

Today marks the first, in hopefully many, Weird Wednesdays. I'll try to switch it up every week, switching between some ideas or flash fiction. But I will always end the blog off with a song, because that is just how I work. Music is my life, almost as much as writing is.

This week I'm bringing to you a #Weird Flash Fiction, entitled "Elixir".

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen these two images before. It's a wonderful site, that I sometimes try to stay clear of on days I should be writing, as it can be somewhat of a blackhole. Many of the Nuthouse Scribblers will agree with me here, but it is a fantastic way to find inspiration. Sometimes I could scan the Home page for hours, never find a thing and suddenly one image will grab me. Then before I know it my fingers are flying and I have the start to a new story.

Anyway, I won't keep you much longer. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you come back on Friday for #FrightFriday.


Head tilted. Spine arched. Skin flushed.

His body against mine; sweat pooled between my breasts and lashed from our entwined bodies. Limb could not be distinguished from limb, maybe only for the short jacket I still wore with shoulders capped in long, sharpened spikes and chains slung across my arm.

A moment that shouldn't be, but it was too late; the deed was done and I could no longer ignore the begging of my flesh, the need for that impending ecstasy.

Green eyes bore into my soul. I traced a black, jewelled claw from the base of his spine to his neck and wrenched his head to the side. His breath danced across my collarbone and pressing the tips of my claws to the pulsing artery at his throat I ran the length of my tongue across his skin, taking the lobe of his ear between my teeth.

"Now?" His only answer had been a nod.

Steel met flesh. I pierced through his skin, like the pop of a cherry; the juice of his life trickling down my arm. I lapped it up like a malnourished mammal, the salty elixir coating the inside of my mouth.

I prayed that the memory would never leave me; as I knew this would be the last and final time...