Sunday, 30 December 2012

The End...

With the end of 2012 just around the corner I'd like to take a look back at the incredible year in writing it's been. Not just for myself but for everyone. In the twelve months we've seen many published novels and short stories within our critique group ( visit The Nuthouse Scribblers to see more on these authors! ). Some individual, some Anthologies.

But now comes a new era for some of us. With the release of "Wine and Nine" brought a few firsts out of the bag for us at the Nuthouse. It was the first time we created an Anthology idea from one of our meet-ups and it's also our very first self-published title. This was a giant leap into the unknown for us. Except we know with such a tight a group as ourselves that we made a pretty damn good team, and nothing is impossible!

Of course, I must give a special mention to a certain Ms Cherie Nicholls. I'm glad I gave up that "Queen Geek Crown" to you, because with you this wouldn't have been possible. I'm sure I speak for the rest of us when I say how much we appreciate your hard work. You're a simple as that. ;)

TNS, I love all of you brilliant and talented ladies. I look forward to a 2013 with you!

Now, without further ado, I bring you "Wine and Nine"


Magic Mac and his Mystical tours, the brochure said. What it didn't tell the participants of this coach trip is that the quaint Scottish Inn they stopped at held a secret.
When you add women, wine, and men the outcome is never certain. Will it be happy ever after or is this just the beginning?
Find out in these nine scorching erotic short stories, guaranteed to raise a kilt or two.

And here is a very small peak into my contribution, "Ailsa".

"Oh…" She breathed, stretching her neck so he could continue. "But I don't even know your name."
"Jameson Parker." He growled the words. His hand reached across her chest, her nipples strained against her black lace bra, and he read her name from the tag aloud. "Ailsa Comyn. You're the most gorgeous creature I ever laid eyes on, and I can't stop thinking about bending you over this table."

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