Sunday, 6 January 2013

#SexySnippets from "Unearthed", a work in progress.

Why hello, readers. It's the Sunday after all the holiday craziness and you find yourself bored, staring at your computer screen, unsure of what to do.'re in luck!

The Nuthouse Scribblers is trying out a new venture. Every sunday we at the Nuthouse will bring you seven sentences from either an already published work or work in progress and share with the hashtag #SexySnippets.

Today I am bringing to you a little scene at the start of "Unearthed". This is a unusual story for me, or maybe for everyone in general. It isn't only an erotically charged story between two people, but is also a spine-tingling, hide-your-eyes, horror. But i won't scare you with that, just yet. Here's a little introduction to Osla and Alarik, my poor heroine and hero. ;)


"Please, baby. I can't wait another second."
"You never can," he replied with a hushed and grunted voice. This happened whenever they were in the heat of the moment and Osla found herself turned on by it more than anything else. Alarik was big, his structure strong. Osla being so small meant that he cocooned her and she loved being consumed by him. His dominance, the intensity and every time was like their first. Desperate and passionate, she knew no other love like it. With him she has found the perfect match; the only person she loved enough to be with monogamously.


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